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The Geological Society of the Philippines (GSP) is the only accredited integrated professional organization (AIPO) of geologists in the Philippines by the Professional Regulation Commission.


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Keynote Address
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TitleSpeakerAgencyDayStart TimeEnd Time
KEYNOTE ADDRESS of Hon. Fernando Penarroyo, PRB Geology ChairpersonHon. Fernando PenarroyoPRB Geology Chairperson108:2009:45
Plenary Keynote
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TitleSpeakerAgencyDayStart TimeEnd Time
Subsoil Imaging by Using Surface Waves in a Fast and Smart Way with Limitations Fabio SchiavonMoHo srl109:4510:15
Extremes in tectonic deformation within the Philippine island arc system: • Thin-skinned tectonics in Luzon's Cordillera Mountains • Thick-skinned tectonics in Central Visayas Dr. Emmanuel G. RamosTekton GeoMetrix Inc.110:3011:00
The Future of Energy - Meeting the Demand Robert C. ShoupSubsurface Consultants & Associates LLC111:0011:30
Deep Seabed Minerals in the Philippine Blue Economy Dr. Mario AurelioUP-NIGS111:3012:00
Assessing Philippines' Potential in the Global Green Metals’ Revolution Eillen Grace Dela CruzS&P Global Philippines Inc.213:0013:30
Accelerating Decarbonization through Innovation and Science James DanielSLB213:3014:00
Demystifying the High-Sulphidation to Porphyry Copper Transition Zone Dr. Renato BobisBobis Geoconsulting214:0014:30
Future Exploration Trends for Large Copper Projects Douglas KirwinConsultant214:4515:15
The Future of Work Landscape and the Philippine Minerals Industry Dr. Graciano P. Yumul, Jr.CEXCI215:1515:45
Oral Presentations
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Parent SessionDayRoomTitleSpeakerAgencyStart TimeEnd TimeFile Preview
1. A Shifting Planet 11Migration of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) during Holocene revealed by multi-proxy climate data Dr. Kevin L. GarasMGB13:0013:20
1. A Shifting Planet 11Climate influences on shoreline movements around the reef islands of Kalayaan Group of Islands, West Philippine SeaJeffrey MunarMarine Science Institute -UP Diliman13:2013:40
1. A Shifting Planet 11Fluorescence Microscopy as a Tool in Porosity and Fabric Analysis of LimestoneJan Cedric G. SisraconMGB-CO; UP-NIGS13:4014:00
2. Data Analytics and Machine Learning Wonders 11Investigating the Surface Displacements of Hydropower Dams in the Agno River Cascade Complex Using Satellite Remote SensingOg S. LocabaPhilippine Space Agency14:0514:25
2. Data Analytics and Machine Learning Wonders 11Utilization of open source packages in developing and streamlining earthquake catalog processingJohn Louie Figura PHIVOLCSPHIVOLCS14:2514:45
2. Data Analytics and Machine Learning Wonders 11A Machine Learning Approach In Prognosticating Geology and Possible Pay Zones Prior to DrillingWinston Philip C. PioquintoMapua University14:4515:05
3. I, Rock11Low P/T metamorphism in the west central Philippines arc-continent collision zone recorded in Calaton Hill, TablasDr. Gabriel Theophilus V. ValeraUP-NIGS15:0015:30
3. I, Rock11Review on Metamorphic Rocks being treated as Traditional Basement in Philippine Stratigraphy: Insights from the Metamorphic Rock Complex in the Zamboanga Peninsula, PhilippinesDr. Lawrence R. ZamorasMGB IX15:3015:50
3. I, Rock11Geochemical concentration of calcareous clastic units in western Pangasinan: Effects of calcite dilution on provenance, tectonic setting, and paleo-weathering signaturesKenneth Jan F. SangalangUP-NIGS15:5016:10
4. New Ways of Searching and Measuring Resources11Unveiling Potential Cu-Au Mineralization Beneath Extensive Pyroclastic Deposits through a Comprehensive ER-IP Survey ApproachDr. Mel Anthony A. CasullaMGB16:1516:35
4. New Ways of Searching and Measuring Resources11Area-Weighted Grade Application for Underground Selective Mining of Epithermal Gold Veins: Illustrations from Lepanto Mine’s Teresa-FeliciaKurt Linus Ljomir Z. UrsuaLepanto Consolidated Mining Company16:3516:55
4. New Ways of Searching and Measuring Resources11Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Logistic Regression Model to Map the Potential Areas of Groundwater SpringsMarywil Krystal CabahugUP-NIGS16:5517:15
5. Earth Science for the Masses 11Anyong Lupa, Anyong Tubig: A Peek at the State of Earth Science Understanding in the PhilippinesDainty Clarice RabangPalawan Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office17:2017:40
5. Earth Science for the Masses 11Revisiting stories of eruptions: Understanding volcano experiences and narratives for disaster communicationDr. Ma. Mylene Martinez-VillegasPHIVOLCS17:4018:00
6. Deposit Control and Character 12Magmatic controls on the economic potential of porphyry Cu deposits (PCDs): Observations from the Taysan PCD, Southern Luzon Philippines.Karl D. JabagatNational Chung Cheng University13:0013:20
6. Deposit Control and Character 12Geological and Geochemical Features of the Hishikari Epithermal Gold Deposit, Kagoshima, JapanAkira HaraSumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.13:2013:40
6. Deposit Control and Character 12Host rock alteration and ore-forming conditions of the Barlo volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit in ZambalesDr. Jillian Aira S. Gabo-RatioUP-NIGS13:4014:00
7. Guide to the Riches Below 12Identifying alteration zones associated with blind porphyry prospects in Suyoc, Benguet, Philippines through integrated remote sensing and ground magnetic dataNathaniel ParcutelaEnergy Development Corporation14:0514:25
7. Guide to the Riches Below 12Retrograde overprinting and magmatic fluid origin of the skarn Fe-Cu mineralization in the Masara Gold DistrictMa. Yna Rose D. GarciaUP-NIGS14:2514:45
7. Guide to the Riches Below 12Exploration‐Target Generation of the Maco Copper‐Gold DepositDarwin Edmund L. RiguerApex Mining Co., Inc.14:4515:05
8. Measuring Earth's Riches 12Using Unsupervised Machine Learning on Geochemical Data to define Mineral Resource Domains of a Porphyry Cu-Au DepositIsaac Norman D. RiveraApex Mining Co., Inc.15:1015:30
8. Measuring Earth's Riches 12Comparative Analysis of Various Resource Estimation Methods Applied on the Nickel Laterite Deposit of Block AB, Parcel 5-EMI MPSA, Sta. Cruz, ZambalesGlenn Charles F. AnchetaEramen Minerals, Inc.15:3015:50
8. Measuring Earth's Riches 12The Philippine Mineral Reporting Code (PMRC) Updates and Its Future for the PhilippinesCiceron A. Angeles Jr.PMRCC15:5016:10
9. Working with the Community 12Legal and Ethics Explainer: Social License to OperateReynaldo Dela RosaNickel Asia Corporation16:1516:55
9. Working with the Community 12Social License to Operate from the Lenses of the Ground WorkersNellie C. BallolaFar Southeast Gold Resources Inc.16:3516:55
10. A Dangerous World12Multi-hazard source detection and analysis of earthquakes, subsidence, and slope instability: results from Leyte island and future directionsDr. John Dale B. DianalaUP-NIGS17:0017:20
10. A Dangerous World12Disdrometer-based Kinetic Energy-Rainfall Intensity Relations in Southern Luzon, Philippines for Soil Erosion StudiesJefferson J. RapisuraUPLB17:2017:40
10. A Dangerous World12InSAR-detected ground movements in Saint Bernard, Southern Leyte, Philippines, in relation to the potential reactivation of the 2006 Guinsaugon landslideSophia Therese L. Pamati-anUP-NIGS17:4018:00
11. Current Events in the Anthropocene 21Can compaction of even sandy subsoils impact the vadose zone hydrology? Insight from soil water models of pilot-scale plots Jayson Gabriel PinzaUniversity of Antwerp and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven08:2008:40
11. Current Events in the Anthropocene 21The effects of relative sea-level changes, tectonics and anthropogenic activities on the coastal hazards situation of eastern Central CebuJohn Federick D. SantosMGB08:4009:00
11. Current Events in the Anthropocene 21Importance and Application of Structural Analyses in Tunnel Design and ConstructionKezia E. VillarealAMH Philippines, Inc.09:0009:20
11. Current Events in the Anthropocene 21Heavy metal concentrations in freshwater fish species present in the Lower Agno WatershedManilyn V. CasaUPLB09:2009:40
12. Advanced Analytics Techniques in Earth Science 21Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Citizen Science: The nexus of smarter systems for earth sciences?Dr. Decibel V. Faustino-EslavaUPLB09:5510:15
12. Advanced Analytics Techniques in Earth Science 21Leveraging Full Tensor Gravimetry (FTG) Technology for Enhanced Exploraton Complex Geological TerrainRoy KittrellBell Geospace10:1510:15
12. Advanced Analytics Techniques in Earth Science 21Leveraging AI and open geospatial data for landslide inventoriesRicarido M. Saturay, Jr.PhiSci - CAR10:3510:55
13. Uncovering What Lies Beneath 21A complex transtensional fault system in the eastern Verde Island Passage (Philippines) remapped through existing datasetsKeanu Jershon S. SarmientoMarine Science Institute -UP Diliman11:0011:20
13. Uncovering What Lies Beneath 21Drone Magnetic and Gravity Survey in Malabeg Prospect, ZambalesJerson NaelCEXCI11:2011:20
13. Uncovering What Lies Beneath 21Imaging offshore deformation features in western Luzon from gravity anomaliesDr. Carla B. DimalantaUP-NIGS11:4012:00
14. Powering the World in Transition 22L.E.O.N.I.D.A.S: Leveraging Energy Optimization through Novel Integrated Design of Advanced Storage - A Photovoltaic Concrete Sculpture that Stores Energy Through Gravity Energy Storage System for Sustainable Electricity GenerationAbel Angel R. AblangBatangas State University08:2008:40
14. Powering the World in Transition 22O&G and RE Investment Environment, a Philippine ContextLyrna Esmeralda-HewittAboitiz Power Corp.08:4009:00
14. Powering the World in Transition 22Intelligent offshore renewable energy systems development: Gearing towards sustainable site characterisation to operations in the PhilippinesAngela Arcilla FloresFugro Philippines Inc.09:0009:00
14. Powering the World in Transition 22Coal Power Phasedown: A Technology ReviewDr. Guillermo R. BalcePrivate Consultant09:2009:40
15. Earth Moves: Sliding, Slumping, Sinking 22Modeling the Critical Acceleration for Co-Seismic Landslide Susceptibility using Geotechnical, Geophysical, and Geospatial DataDr. Arturo S. DaagPHIVOLCS/DOST09:5510:15
15. Earth Moves: Sliding, Slumping, Sinking 22Physical and Mineralogical Properties of Soils from Landslide-Prone Areas in Mineralized and Non-Mineralized ZonesBianca Maria Laureanna P. PedrezuelaUPLB10:1510:15
15. Earth Moves: Sliding, Slumping, Sinking 22Liquefaction Hazard Mapping Based on Regional Geology, Local Geotechnical Data, and Cyclic Stress Ratio (CSR) Values: Dagupan City, Pangasinan, PhilippinesClarence Joyce D. LandinginMapua University10:3510:55
16. Earth Moves: Jiggling, Wobbling, Swaying 22Mechanical structure, strain rates, and seismogenic potential within the Manila Trench regionDr. Leo T. ArmadaUP-NIGS11:0011:20
16. Earth Moves: Jiggling, Wobbling, Swaying 22Slip Characteristics of the Masbate Segment of the Philippine Fault: Insights from the 2020 Mw 6.6 Masbate EarthquakeDeo Carlo E. LlamasPHIVOLCS11:2011:40
16. Earth Moves: Jiggling, Wobbling, Swaying 22Small but Terrible: Impacts of the 2023 Magnitude (Ms) 5.3 Leyte, Leyte EarthquakeJeffrey S. PerezPHIVOLCS11:4012:00
Digital Posters
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TopicTitleAgencyAuthorPresenterFile Preview
Economic GeologyCharacterization of barite deposits in Mabilog na Bundok, Lobo, Batangas, PhilippinesAdamson University, MGC DepartmentJoshua Estrada*, Cheyenne Stacey Alcantara, Marc Jandell Mendoza and Zaniel Kyle BautistaJoshua EstradaNot Visible
Techniques-AI-Machine LearningNavigating Complexity: The Role and Significance of Probe Hole Drilling in the Re-Orientation of the Tunnel AlignmentAMH Philippines Inc.Vanessa B. Erestain*, Darwin Joseph M. Bañes, Marceliano B. Cruz III and Edgardo P. Kasilag IIVanessa B. Erestain*,
Techniques-AI-Machine LearningRole of lithology and geologic structures to the drainage morphometry of Carrascal watershed, Surigao del Sur using Principal Component AnalysisCaraga State UniversityKernel Arreza1 *, Jenner Tidoy1 , Stephanie Mae Salcedo-Albores2 , Patrick Sam Buenavista1 and Nichole Anthony Pacle1Nichole Anthony Pacle(not set)
Natural HazardEarthquake Damage Prediction Analysis Based on Different Magnitude Scenarios: A Case Study at Caraga State University, Butuan City, PhilippinesCaraga State UniversityKeisha Nathalie M. Eriz1* , Juniel Jan Bulabog1 , Patrick Sam M. Buenavista1 , Erwin M. Mendoza2 and Nichole Anthony D. Pacle1Keisha Nathalie M. Eriz1* , Juniel Jan Bulabog1 (not set)
Natural HazardStructural and Lithological-based Assessment in the Anao- aon Quadrangle of Surigao Del Norte for Earthquake- induced Landslide Susceptibility Map using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information SystemCaraga State UniversityMerelle Jan V. Japitana1 , John Carlos C. Paler1 , Nichole Anthony D. Pacle1 , Patrick Sam M. Buenavist1 and Jun Love E. Gesta1John Carlos C. Paler(not set)
Natural HazardAshfall Modeling of Scenario Eruptions of Hibok-Hibok Volcano, Camiguin Island, PhilippinesCaraga State UniversityYannie Acompañado1 *, Jessel Mondejar1 , Nichole Anthony D. Pacle1 and Likha G. Minimo2Yannie Acompañado(not set)
Economic GeologyGold-Copper Prospectivity Mapping in Masara Gold District, Eastern Mindanao: Application of Weights of Evidence and Fuzzy Logic using Field Validation and GIS ApproachCaraga State UniversityKeana Dessinie L. Villar1 *, Maria Kyla Liza B. Clemeno2 , Nichole Anthony D. Pacle3 , Elijah U. Abarca4 and Apple Yano4 Maria Kyla Liza B. Clemeno(not set)
Tectonic-PetrologyInvestigating the Geological Processes Contributing to Pseudokarst Sinkhole in Siargao Island, Surigao Del NorteCaraga State UniversityLarysse D.Salisid1 *, Fevielaine L. Arizala1 and Nichole Anthony D. Pacle1Larysse D.SalisidNot Visible
Economic GeologyIdentification of bauxite deposits in the Philippines using remotely sensed spectral indices: a case study from Paranas, Samar IslandDENRJandrei M Lucero1 *, Jillian Aira S. Gabo-Ratio3 , Jenielyn T. Padrones2 and Lyle Andre B. Arenque3Jandrei M LuceroNot Visible
EnergyNative Hydrogen: A Prospect Fuel for the Philippine Energy TransitionDepartment of EnergyJ. Vasquez*, A. Apacible, A. Itorma, M. Mallari, C. Tinio and J. Villegas1J. VasquezNot Visible
EnvironmentGeochemical characterization of mine wastes in the Philippines for the possible recovery of valuable elements: Towards circular economy in miningDOST-PNRICris Reven L. Gibaga1 , John Henry C. Gervasio1*, Jessie O. Samaniego1 , Alexandria M. Tanciongco1 , Rico Neil M. Quierrez1 and Carlo A. Arcilla1John Henry C. GervasioNot Visible
SLOPhilippine Participation in the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO): Benefits and ChallengesFaculty, St. Stephen's High SchoolMiguel C. Cano1 *, Marietta De Leon2 and Magnolia Vida A. Cano3Miguel C. CanoNot Visible
Economic GeologyUnderstanding and utilization of siliceous – silica minerals within local market demand, at Bugallon, Pangasinan, Central Luzon, PhilippinesHimalayan Asia Management ServicesMichael B. Lituañas and Norman U. TamayoMichael B. Lituañas Not Visible
Natural HazardAnthropogenic Factors Leading to Slide ReactivationISRIAldea, R.G.1 , Gaviño, R.M.L.1 , Callosa, D.T.S.1 , Tamaño, A.J.A.1 , Lim, E.P.1 and Andal, E.S.2Aldea, R.G.Not Visible
Techniques-AI-Machine LearningGeologic controls of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) in a hydrothermally active region in Mabini, Batangas through acoustic imagingMarine Institute -UP DilimanTiffany Ashley F. Uy1 *, Edwin E. Dumalagan, Jr.1 and Fernando P. Siringan1Tiffany Ashley F. Uy1Not Visible
Tectonic-PetrologyBulged and uplifted west coastal margins of the Southwest Coast Range-Cotabato Arc: A result of impinging forearc terraces?MGBTristan Dela Cruz*Tristan Dela CruzNot Visible
SLOResiliency of the National Museum in the Face of the COVID- 19 Pandemic: Engaging the Public in Geosciences Through Digital MeansNational MuseumAryssa Orven E. Martin*, Jiles Arvin A. Vergara and Elisha Gabriel C. RizaAryssa Orven E. MartinNot Visible
SLOPromoting Geosciences: The National Museum of the Philippines’ Approach to Curating Captivating Geological ExhibitionsNational MuseumJiles Arvin A. Vergara, Aryssa Orven E. Martin and Elisha Gabriel C. RizaJiles Arvin A. Vergara
Tectonic-PetrologyFreshwater Fish Fossils of the Pleistocene Laguna Formation (Antipolo, Rizal)National MuseumAbigael Castro* 1 , Tomáš Přikryl2 , Allan Gil Fernando3 , Clarence Magtoto3,4,5, Kevin Garas6 , Jaan Ruy Conrad Nogot1 , Dominique Mediodia7 and Chien-Hsiang Lin7Abigael Castro*
Techniques-AI-Machine LearningInvestigating the use of image segmentation and machine learning in the textural analysis of rocks and their potential industry applicationsNIGSMaria Gracia C. Padrique1 *, Marywil Kyrstal L. Cabahug2 and Maricor N. Soriano3Maria Gracia C. Padrique1Not Visible
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The organization works and supports initiatives to advance the science and profession of geology and related fields, including raising public awareness on Earth’s dynamic systems and natural events that impact the society. This goal is attained through the conduct of trainings, symposia, local and international conferences, seminars and online education activities such as webinars and discussion forums.

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The GSP encourages its members to pursue scientific research to generate new knowledge and scientific data that contribute to a better understanding of the geology and tectonics of the Philippines, in particular, and geosciences, in general. The annual Geological Convention (GeoCon) provides a good opportunity for the exchange of ideas among Filipino and foreign geoscientists. Significant contributions and advances in the field have also been documented in the Journal of the Geological Society of the Philippines.

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GSP organizes and supports forums that inform its members of the latest ideas and developments in the study of Philippine tectonics, Asian tectonics and related topics like metallogenesis, seismology and geohazards, among others.

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