GSP History

The Geological Society of the Philippines was organized on VJ Day, September 2, 1945, amidst the ruins of the newly liberated City of Manila when a group of geologists (mostly Americans) attached to the office of the Chief Engineer, GHQ AFPSC, met with a group of Filipino geologists and mining engineers under the chairmanship of Lt. Col. H. G. Scherick.  Credit for the initiation of the movement which led to the founding of the Society goes to Major Robert N. Williams and to Dr. Jose M. Feliciano.  Of the 62 original or charter members, 39 were Americans, one Australian, and the rest Filipinos.

In this historic meeting, the late Dr. Jose . Feliciano, former head of the Department of Geology and Geography of the University of the Philippines was unanimously elected first President of the Society, with Dr. Victoriano Elicaño as Vice President, Mr. Francisco Paguirigan as Secretary-Treasurer, and Mr. Ramon Abarquez as Editor.

The Philippine government has given due recognition to the Society when, by legislation, it required that one of the members of the Commission on Volcanology must come from the Geological Society of the Philippines.  Motivated by the strong desire to uphold the standards of the geological profession in the country, the Society sponsored in Congress House Bill 401 and worked until it was enacted and passed into law last June 19, 1965.  Known as Republic Act 4203, it regulates the practice of the geology profession in the Philippines.  Article I, Sec. 2 of the said law provides that the members of the Board of Examiners for Geology shall be appointed by the Geological Society of the Philippines.

To celebrate its 14th anniversary, the Society convened its first geological convention in Manila from January 9 – 11, 1958.  Delegates from the geological societies of Japan, Nationalist China, United States, Australia and South Korea attended.  Fifteen papers were read and the discussions created lively interest on current geological problems.  The Society gained wide support from the different mining companies which helped in making the first convention a success.  During the convention, distinguished achievement awards were given to Mr. Earl M. Irving and Mr. Juan S. Teves.

To spur mineral resources development in the country and to support the administration’s various economic programs, the Society convened the “2nd Geological Convention and First Symposium on the Geology of the Mineral Resources of the Philippines and Neighboring Countries” on January 11 – 14, 1967.

In the late 1966, the Geological Society of the Philippines was incorporated in order to effectively pursue the different plans and activities toward the attainment of its objectives.

Board of Trustees

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Dr. Decibel Faustino-Eslava


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Mr. Ciceron A. Angeles, Jr.

Vice President

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Mr. Leo T. Virtucio


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Ms. Charlotte T. Vinarao


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Dr. Karlo L. Queaño

Assistant Secretary

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Atty. Marissa P. Cerezo


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Dr. Rene Juna R. Claveria


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Dr. Carla B. Dimalanta


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Dr. Betchaida D. Payot



Mineral Reporting Code Committee (MRCC)

  • Mr. Ciceron A. Angeles Jr. - MRCC Chairperson
  • Mr. George B. Baquiran - MRCC Chairperson
  • Dr. Rogel A. Santos - CPAS Chairperson
  • Mr. Joey Nelson R. Ayson - CPAS Vice-Chairperson
  • Mr. Henry R. Salvado - CPAS Member
  • Engr. Arnulfo B. Santiago - CPAS Member
  • Engr. Ramon N. Santos- CPAS Member
  • Engr. Leonardo S. Marcelo Jr. - MRCC Secretariat Head
  • Mr. Cecilio C. Bautista -MRCC Secretariat Vice-Head

Nominations and Awards Committee

  • Atty. Marissa P. Cerezo - Chairperson
  • Mr. Hedrick D.A. Reyes
  • Ms. Lee Ann Joy C. Bayan
  • Ms. Rizabigail G. Reyes
  • Ms. Wendellmina A. Guarino

Publication Committee

  • Dr. Allan Gil S. Fernando - Chairperson
  • Dr. Leo T. Armada
  • Dr. Noelynna T. Ramos
  • Dr. Jillian Aira Gabo-Ratio
  • Dr. Betchaida D. Payot


  • Ms. Mia Camila Urbano-Africa - Chairperson
  • Mr. Mark John S. Africa
  • Ms. Patricia Louise B. Yambao
  • Mr. Angel Renel M. Yu



Membership Committee

  • Ms. Charlotte Vinarao - Chairperson
  • Ms. Marie April Djohanne Celiz 
  • Ms. Anace Jenica De Vera
  • Ms. Mary Rose Gabuyo
  • Mr. Vergel Marteja
  • Ms. Karla Angelique Valdellon
  • Ms. Janice Azares-Wayan
  • Mr. Ciceron A. Angeles Jr.
  • Dr. Jillian Aira Gabo-Ratio

Finance Committee

  • Mr. Leo Virtucio - Chairperson
  • Dr. Victor Maglambayan
  • Dr. Leopoldo de Silva, Jr.
  • Mr. Edmundo Guazon

Ethics Committee

  • ​Dr. Carla Dimalanta - Chairperson
  • Dr. Karlo Queano
  • Mr. Ciceron Angeles Jr
  • Dr. Rogel Santos
  • Mr. George Baquiran
  • Ms. Charlotte Vinarao
  • Dr. Jillian Aira Gabo-Ratio

CPD Committee

  • Dr. Rene Juna Claveria - Chair
  • Mr. Ciceron Angeles, Jr.
  • Dr. Betchaida Payot
  • Mr. Nathaniel Parcutela
  • Ms. Jesley Mei Dycoco



Geology Development Committee

  • Dr. Karlo Queano - Chairperson
  • Dr. Teresito Bacolcol
  • Dr. Carla Dimalanta
  • Dr. Leo Armada
  • Mr. Barren Parungao
  • Mr. Raymond Magalong


Public Relations Committee

  • Dr. Jillian Aira Gabo-Ratio - Chairperson
  • Ms. Charmaine Villamil
  • ​Mr. Marco Alfredo Barrientos
  • Mr. Juan Alex Vianne Amoroso
  • Ms. Florence Annette Labis
  • Mr. Karl Jabagat



  • Dr.Renato U. Solidum – Chairperson

           Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Graciano Yumul, Jr.
  • Dr. Carla Dimalanta
  • Dr. Teresito Bacolcol
  • Dr. Betchaida Payot

GSP Documents

GSP Amended By-Laws 2018

Geological Society of the Philippines Latest By-Laws registered with SEC.

GSP Code of Ethics

Members must always abide by the GSP Code of Ethics in the practice of their profession.

GSP Past Presidents

1945 - Jose M. Feliciano
1946 - Jose M. Feliciano
1947 - Victoriano Elicano
1948 - Ramon F. Abarquez
1949 - Antonio D. Alvir
1950 - Juan S. Teves
1951 - Elpidio C. Vera
1952 - Jose M. Feliciano
1953 - Jose M. Feliciano
1954 - Mateo H. Tupas
1955 - Pablo U. Capistrano
1956 - Luis M. Santos-Ynigo
1957 - Luis M. Santos-Ynigo
1958 - Benjamin A. Daleon
1959 - Escolastico S. Duterte
1960 - Norberto S. Fernandez
1961 - Carmelo T. Sison
1962 - Pablo M. Capistrano
1963 - Luis M. Santos-Ynigo
1964 - Froilan C. Gervacio
1965 - Jose F. Vergara
1966 - Cesar B. Ibanez
1967 - Mateo H. Tupas
1968 - Generoso R. Oca
1969 - Felipe U. Francisco
1970 - Emmanuel V. Tamesis
1971 - Francisco A. Comsti
1972 - Walter W. Brown
1973 - Walter W. Brown
1974 - Sisenando L. Samaniego
1975 - Pablito M. Ong
1976 - Oscar A. Crispin
1977 - Rolando A. De Guzman
1978 - Rolando A. De Guzman
1979 - Joel D. Muyco
1980 - Juanito C. Fernandez
1981 - Juanito C. Fernandez
1982 - Rogelio T. Datuin
1983 - Jose Rolando R. Santos
1984 - Ernesto P. Sonido
1985 - Guillermo R. Balce
1986 - Manuel M. Gamboa
1987 - Benjamin S. Austria
1988 - Raymundo S. Punongbayan
1989 - Joel D. Muyco
1990 - Edwin G. Domingo
1991 - Edwin G. Domingo
1992 - Raymundo S. Punongbayan
1993 - Raymundo S. Punongbayan
1994 - Guillermo R. Balce
1995 - Raymundo S. Punongbayan
1996 - Graciano P. Yumul Jr.
1997 - Rolando E. Pena
1998 - Alberto P. Morillo
1999 - Romeo L. Almeda
2000 - Arturo A. Morado Jr.
2001 - Fred Antonio C. Tejada
2002 - Mario A. Aurelio
2003 - Renato U. Solidum Jr.
2004 - Emmanuel G. Ramos
2005 - Alessandro O. Sales
2006 - Emmanuel S. Bate
2007 - Raymundo B. Savella
2008 - Alberto P. Morillo
2009 - Francisco G. Delfin Jr.
2010 - Redempta P. Baluda
2011 - Carla B. Dimalanta
2012 - Guillerma Jayne T. Atienza
2013 - Maria Victoria M. Olivar
2014 - Alessandro O. Sales
2015 - Carlo A. Arcilla
2016 - Rene Juna C. Claveria
2017 - Fernando S. Penarroyo

2018 - Alberto P. Morillo
2019 - Carla B. Dimalanta