The Journal of the Geological Society of the Philippines (JGSP) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to various aspects of Philippine geology. Through the years, the JGSP has remained steadfast in its objective of providing a medium for the exchange of ideas among Philippine and international geologists. The journal welcomes original research articles which provide significant contributions and advances in the better understanding of the geology and tectonics of the Philippines, in particular, and the geosciences, in general.

During its early years, the JGSP was called The Philippine Geologist, which was published quarterly. The first issue came out in December 1946.  This publication filled the need for the dissemination of information in various fields of geology, mining, metallurgy as they pertain to the Philippines and the neighboring areas.  The articles or scientific papers were voluntary contributions from member and non-member geologists and engineers from government agencies and private companies.  Much of the success of the publication may be attributed to the tireless efforts of the late Mr. Jose R. Barcelon who edited the journal from 1947 to 1953.

The Society decided in 1959 to change the old mimeographed format of the journal into a more presentable and handy form that conformed with the latest trends in the publication of technical papers or bulletins.  With this new format, funds generated through advertisements from oil and mining companies augmented the Society's funds to cover the printing of the journal.

Call for Papers

The Journal of the Geological Society of the Philippines is now accepting papers for its 2023 First Issue. Submissions can be made to The Guide for Authors can be downloaded from the GSP website (insert link). We look forward to receiving your submissions. 

call for papers


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