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Job Post IDTitleNumber of VacancyDescriptionSalaryCompany NameIs AvailableActions
2Geologist1For silica and basalt quarry(not set)DYNAMIC KONSTRUK GROUPYes
3Field Geologists - Project based5Project-based
1 month contract only, will be renewed depending on project status
(not set)PhilEarth Consultancy Inc.Yes
1GEOLOGIST1Adequate knowledge of Geology techniques, practices and procedures
Expertise in Exploration process, documentation and permitting.
Process Formulation and Implementation.
Use various geology related equipment and software's
35000Electa Tarlac AggregateYes
4GEOLOGIST3Responsible for identifying, mapping, and assessing the location, quantity, and quality of raw material deposits such as rocks and minerals.
40000Electa Tarlac AggregateYes